Role of Astrology in our Life

Today’s era is the age of science because today science is moving towards its full development. Science is definite knowledge of any object. In similar way, astrology is a definite actionable knowledge, that is why we also call astrology as astrological science. Astrology in our life is very precious element.

How is astrology used in everyday life?

If we derive the literal meaning of Jyoti, then Jyoti means light and Tish means darkness, that is, light such a science that may darken our lives, remove that darkness and may fill our lives with light. According to Vedic scriptures, the time between when a person is born and till his death, whether it is of education, business or marriage, astrology has the ability to speak on all. Human beings have 16 sacraments till birth and death. Astrology is the only science which has the ability to tell every sacrament.There is no such science which can tell you about the health of the person, what education he will get in future or What can be the profession of the person, but astrology can help in getting all the signs of your future.

Can astrology predict future?

Astrology also explains your children well-being and nature of your child in advance. Astrology tells about good times and bad times of life in a person lifespan. More than this, astrology can tell you about your friends, your health, health of your parents and much more. Astrology can also tell you about relationship of husband and wife after marriage. You can also learn about weather, how much rain will be there in the rainy season with astrology. Many country leaders also takes help from astrologers for relations with neighboring countries.

Astrology is complete in itself. However, astrology needs more research like science. There is a special co-operation of astrology on Medic Astrology, with which every disease can be treated.