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What is palmistry used for?

According to the scriptures in this world, God has created many species like animals, birds etc. Man is the best in all of these. Since time immemorial, human beings have had a curiosity that how will my future be? According to our astrology, palmistry is also a way. For those who do not have information about their date of birth and time of birth, it is like a boon for them. But there is a difference between horoscope and palmistry. From the horoscope we can decide the earlier and the later also. But all this cannot be ascertained by palmistry.

There are some main lines in our hands, such as the life line, the head line and the heart line. Palmistry also has some special properties. As a lamp is coming in the heart line, then there is going to be some trouble in our heart immediately. If a cross (X) is forming in the fate line, it indicates some trouble in future. There is security in doing so.

What are the basics of palmistry?

Earlier doctors used to look at the hands and nails first. This is a matter of detail. Even today we can see that if our palm is turning white, then there is a problem of lack of blood. If there is a white mark inside the nail, then there is a problem of calcium inside us. Similarly, if a semi-circle is forming in our saturn area, then there is a chance of court visit or jail visit in our life. Sometimes, even after working hard in our life, we are not able to get the results. It means that our time is not going well. As soon as any line is forming on Saturn, then we can say that all our auspicious work will complete.

What is Palmistry in psychology?

If we get any knowledge of this science, then we can get to know a lot in our life. We can know a lot by looking at the person who comes before us. This science can also help us a lot in deciding our livelihood. For example, if our Venus is in a strong position, then we can spend our livelihood in company, in trading of material goods. If our saturn is good then it is auspicious for service, job. If our Moon is strong, then he is a good speaker, a good speaker, a person who is happy in the mind, always takes advantage of the material.

What is the life line in palm reading?

This is a separate subject which we must study. What is the life line in the palm, who is the mountain, how is the fingers of the hands, what is the thumb and what is its effect on life, we can know from the lines of our hands. If the upper part of the thumb of any person is thick, then there is definitely a murder in life by him. If there is no bulge under the hands of a person, then according to the palm line, they are mountains. Always such people have lack of money and life is spent in poverty. We can see this behaviour in our laborer brothers. It is such a knowledge through which we are very helpful in giving direction in our own and others lives.